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28: Introduction to Academic Writing in English

  • Date: July 08, 2022; 12pm–4pm c.t.
  • Room: online, tba
  • Instructor: Mark Olival-Bartley, M. A.
  • Language: English
  • Registration: June 13, 2022–July 01, 2022


For better or worse English is the international language of professional discourse in every academic field. This online workshop is a primer that will review the fundamental elements of writing in academic English—that is, we will review the means by which an idea is presented, an argument, and sound evidence is provided—for every field of study. Additionally, notes of style with regards to language use will also be addressed.


You can register until July 01, 2022. This registration will be binding. Free spaces are allocated according to the principle of "first come, first served". Should you be unable to participate, you may cancel your registration until Wednesday, July 06. For unexcused absences, we do reserve the right to refuse future participation in Writing Center events. Thank you for your understanding.