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18: Writing in English: Constructing Sentences

  • Date: June 16, 2023, 4–6pm c.t.
  • Room: Schellingstraße 3, R303
  • Instructor: Tabea Hawkins
  • Language: English
  • Registration: starting April 10, 2023

Workshop description

In this workshop, we will review the ways and means by which sentences are constructed and paragraphs are built: We will begin with a review of sentence styles and how they might be effectively deployed to convey the complexity of our ideas with nuance and panache; then, we will anatomize a paragraph to see how this all comes together before working in small groups to test our own newfound sensibilities.


Your registration will be binding. Free spaces are allocated according to the principle of "first come, first served". Should you be unable to participate, you may cancel your registration until Wednesday, June 14. For unexcused absences, we do reserve the right to refuse future participation in Writing Center events. Thank you for your understanding.