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05: Producing Your First Draft

  • Date: November 03, 2023; 2pm–4pm c.t.
  • Instructor: Sakina Gröppmaier
  • Language: English
  • Registration:  starting October 16, 2023


Have you never written a university-level essay or research paper? Are you daunted by the idea of writing? Are you overwhelmed with information? Do your ideas feel tangled in your head? Are you feeling intimidated by academic writing? Then this is the workshop for you!
In this workshop, we will discuss effective strategies on how to approach and start the writing process when it comes to academic papers. We will explore traditional methods, new and novel techniques, and exchange ideas on how we can overcome the mental hurdles of that blank white page. We will also put these strategies into practice, and take some time to work on writing our first first paragraphs.
This is a workshop targeted towards first year undergraduate students or students who are new to essay writing. While this workshop leans into humanities writing methods, students from all disciplines are welcome and interdisciplinary knowledge exchange is highly encouraged.

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