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Writing Global Health aims to narrate, communicate and disseminate global health science and research on a global scale. We build this scale with our workshop participants through both a sensitisation towards multiple modes and media and a critical assessment of what works, when, and where. Drawing on research and scientific exchanges within the EUGLOH project, we ground this workshop in the core literary traditions of storytelling and creative writing, extending these ideas into the realm of scientific popularisation. We welcome projects of all sizes and ambitions as we explore possibilities of communicating your work within EUGLOH (and your individual research on global health) to a broader public.

The goal is to enable students to create informative material in various forms and for different media, give them the skills to assess the potential of this material, and to disseminate information about a project in different forms on appropriate channels.

Der Kurs wird auf Englisch gehalten.

Wir lassen es euch hier wissen, wenn wir den Kurs erneut anbieten!