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31: The Elements of Academic Style

  • Date: February 5, 2021; 12pm–2pm c.t.
  • Room: via Zoom
  • Instructor: Mark Olival-Bartley, M. A.
  • Language: English
  • Registration: December 15, 2020–January 29, 2021


Writing is the accretion of words into designs of meaning that grow evermore complex: Writers mine, smelt, and mill words; they solder them into phrases; they weld those into clauses; and they forge these into sentences, which are collected into paragraphs that, through recursive revision, are gilt, filigreed, and burnished into brilliance. In this two-hour workshop, the rhetorical mechanics at work of good academic style will be reviewed, good models will be studied, and exercises of our own will be practiced.

Target group: all LMU students


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