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26: Writing a Paper: Revising and Editing for Publication

  • Termin: 10. Juli 2020, 10-14 Uhr c.t.
  • Raum: online, tba
  • Workshopleiterin: Dr. Anita Vržina
  • Anmeldung: ab 01. Juni 2020


In this workshop, we will focus on preparing a manuscript for publication in an academic journal or a collection of essays. Whether you are writing a new text or revising an existing one--chapter from the dissertation, conference paper, presentation, etc.--, choosing the right focus, structure, and language for a specific publication will increase the chances of your paper being accepted by the publisher and reaching a wider audience.

We will discuss the different stages of the writing and submission process:

1. Planning, focus, and structuring the paper and the abstract;
2. Revision strategies, language, and aspects of academic style;
3. Interacting with the editors and responding to peer review.

We will base our discussions on real-life examples. Please feel free to bring your drafts or papers you would like to adapt for publication to the workshop, and submit sample articles from a journal you are planning to publish in or a call for papers you want to respond to so we can use them as examples for discussion. Please send your samples by July 1 to

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Wir bitten um eine verbindliche Anmeldung bis zum 03. Juli 2020. Die Plätze werden nach dem „first come, first served”-Prinzip vergeben. Bei unentschuldigtem Fehlen können wir Sie bei zukünftigen Veranstaltungen des Schreibzentrums leider nicht mehr berücksichtigen. Vielen Dank für Ihr Verständnis!

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