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Workshop "Reading: A Silent Skill"

This workshop will be in English.

  • Date: June 10, 2 p.m. (s.t.)
  • Room: S 106, Schellingstr. 3, VG
  • Instructor: Marcy Scholz
  • Duration of workshop: 120 minutes

Brief description of the workshop

Grasping written academic material often leaves a reader frustrated. Why? Many readers do not realize that a specific purpose for reading requires a specific manner of reading. Nor do many readers comprehend that reading initiates a communication between the author and the reader. Primarily, this communication has to be explored and understood before a reader can interpret and dissect the text. In this workshop, we will examine different reading techniques to improve your understanding of a text of your choice. Please bring a text you would like to read with you to the workshop.

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The workshop „Reading: A Silent Skill“ dealt with different reading strategies and techniques to improve your reading. The workshop started off with the question what the participants liked about academic reading and what they disliked, in order to create a general awareness of the problems with reading. In the first part workshop leader Marcy Scholz then explained what difficulties there might be in general while reading an academic text. She showed the students how to start reading and how they could improve their understanding of the text by first trying to get a broad overview and then to read for content. Noting down questions and comments on the text while reading is also one of the effective techniques and she gave students time to try out many of her techniques with their own texts. In regard to that Matthias Dicks said that he liked the interactive structure of the workshop and that for him the most important tip was to not only highlight certain passages but also note down why he did so. The participants were also very enthusiastic about the interaction not only between student and workshop leader but also in between students, which helped to exchange different views, problems and possible solutions while reading.


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